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Mentalitea is a line of tea drinks that uses all natural ingredients so consumers know what they're putting into their body. The flavors: relax, energy, and focus correspond with the ingredients put into each bottle and the natural benefits each herb provides.



Materials chosen for Mentalitea are sustainable, retaining both functionality and appearance over a long period of time. Consumers have the option of fully recycling the packaging with little to no degradation or reuse the bottle after purchase.

Stainless steel

Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable, with no degradation. It is made up of many raw materials, including iron, nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, which are in high demand. Its impact on the environment is minimal when compared to other materials and its life impact reduces significantly as it used and recycled.

Glass is a material made of abundant natural raw material such as sand and glass waste (cullets). It is a fully recyclable material that can be recycled in a closed loop over and over again. This is particularly true for glass bottles which on average have a recycling rate varying from 50% to 80%.


Reusable Lid

The idea of having a reusable lid in order to carry loose leaf tea goes hand in hand with keeping the design of the bottle sustainable and multifunctional. In the case that consumers finish drinking their tea they can refill their bottle with another flavor of their choice and take it with them on the go. By releasing the tea leaves into the the bottle filled with water it will slowly steep the tea.

Ingredients and Artwork

The ingredients added into each drink are hand drawn illustrations that wrap around the bottle. Ingredients picked out for each flavor falls under one of the three flavors: relax, energy or focus. With these natural ingredients consumers are able to get into the mentality of being relaxed, energized or focused.


Mentalitea's branding is split into two parts, the word mark and supporting elements. For the word mark "Mentalitea", a script type has been chosen to play homage to the hand drawn illustrations and display a natural hand written look.

Supporting Elements

In addition to the main word mark, there are supporting elements that appear depending on the flavor of tea. For each flavor there is the main color used within the word mark, supporting color used in the type of tea, and a tertiary color shown within the graphics on the bottle.

Tea Bags

Tea bags were created as promotional items in the case that consumers want loose leaf teas to refill and reuse their empty bottles.

Fusion 360

Towards the end of the design process, the vectors were exported to wrap around the bottle created on Fusion 360. This mock up was then rendered and edited in Photoshop.

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