Project Name


Design X

Design X was an exhibition put together by a team of designers in which we explored what design is and what it meant to us. The exhibition was created to inspire fellow artists and designers to get them to think about their creative process and discover how this process can lead to various results.

Since the concept of the exhibition revolved around our works as designers, we tried to come up with an analogy for design. We came to the realization that design isn't  defined by one just one solution, look or feeling. Design is like the variable “X”-and can lead us to create anything and everything.

Social Media

In addition to promoting the exhibition physically in person, we focused our attention to extending our invitation to creatives virtually as well. With the use of Instagram we shared our creative process and gave sneak peaks to what the exhibition is all about. Check out our Instagram page @designxhibition

Asset 1.png

We started our Instagram as a way to introduce our concept behind design X and create a community where people can share their thoughts and excitement about our exhibition. Throughout the process we’ve received positive feedback and was able to connect with previous alumni's and designers across campus as well as friends and family. 

For our first initial 9 posts we wanted to ambiguously introduce design X as a variable that represents anything and everything. In our initial draft we explored ways to introduce the silhouette or shape of X, but in our final outcome  we used a shape created from the corners found in the letter X. We decided to overlap pictures of our work in progress prior to our exhibition with this pattern. The outcome ended up being a great starting point for hinting at our work in progress for the exhibition and the meaning behind our brand.


Insta-highlights are collections of what was posted on our Instagram story. These highlights are separated into 4 categories: Design X, Process, Designers, and About.

Design X

Insta-highlights are collections of what was posted on our Instagram story. These highlights are separated into 4 categories: Design X, Process, Designers, and About.


This highlight featured the setup process prior to the week of our exhibition. It included how we cut and pasted vinyl, the use of acrylic sheets, how we used strings and more.


A week prior to our exhibition we started introducing members within our group and how they defined X. Each post was shared on our story and achieved onto our insta-highlights.

Asset 2.png

Each post was captioned with a quote from a well known designer. 

“You can make people feel valued or cared for by design alone. It’s not purely about money. It’s about how we choose to value human experience.” 

- Thomas Heatherwick, Designer

Introducing Designers

A week before our exhibition we used instagram as an outlet for introducing the designers within Design X. With the concept that X can be anything and eveything, every designer defined what they percieved X to be in the caption. Along with the caption they posted emojis that best describes them.

castellanos_robert (1).png
chen_allison (1).png
chang_miranda (1).png
lai_brandon (1).png
Promotion on Campus

A visitor’s first interaction with Design X begins before they even entered the exhibition. We created posters and wayfinding that were displayed around campus that helped guide visitors to the show. The A-frames with the maps helped guide visitors from wherever the A-frame was placed to the location of the exhibition.

Promotional poster


Wall graphic leading towards the exhibition.


Front of signage


Back of signage

Gave directions to the exhibition from where the signage was placed.


The first step of the production process was to measure the space in which the exhibition was to take place in. Once the measurements have been made we separated the space into five different sections: design x fun, design x what matters, design x inspiration, design x you and design x teamwork. Three of the five sections (fun, what matters and inspiration) showcased work from our previous year within the BFA program at SJSU. Design x teamwork talks about our individual thoughts on design and adjectives we would use to describe our design process. For the last section of the room, we wanted to create an interactive for visitors and invite them to define their design process by tying yarn around adjectives placed around the silhouette "You". The construction of the space involved but not limited to laser cutting acrylic sheets, transferring vinyl lettering, creating pins and take aways,  etc.


Initial hand drawn sketch of the interior space of the exhibition with the addition of the placement of our work. (Looking into the room from the entrance)


Another sketch of the exhibition space from the back wall looking out towards the entrance.


Timelapse video of us setting up the exhibition, opening night, and showcasing the use of AR in our works. With the use of the ROAR app, people can scan a poster and watch it come to life. Some works have 3d elements that would appear while others portrayed videos and audio.


For the documentation of the exhibition, we created a process book about our experience. The book was printed on 60 pound polar-matte Red River paper with a sandblasted acrylic cover bound by Chicago screws. Fold out flaps and pages within the book plays homage to the exhibition's interactive experience.