Project Name

A Deadly Treat


My task for this project was to design an info-graphic focusing on my object of choice, that being a rawhide bone. After doing research in regards to rawhide bones, I decided to focus on the detrimental effects it may have on dogs since many dog owners purchase rawhide bones as a treat without knowing the potential risks. 


The diagram walks viewers through four main categories: the process of what chemicals are put into these rawhide bones, the dangers of obstruction, problems with indigestion, and ways owners can prevent this from happening.


Upon creating this info-graphic a study of a  raw hide bone was done prior to capture the shape, texture and feeling of what a rawhide bone looks like. This vector form of a rawhide bone was used throughout the info-graphic among other vector elements. 


Transforming the original image to a simplified vector form of a rawhide was a starting point for the style in which the info-graphic was constructed.

Project 4 final revision.jpg