Hi I'm Kat.

Kat studied at SJSU with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Her interest in design started as an interest in art. Once she began looking for it,  she started to see design being incorporated into practically everything. Design is everywhere and it can be inspiring, and can be used as a means to help others.


She enjoys working with typography, poster design, image-making and branding.


Kat is also interested in inter-group discussions and cultural relations. In addition to her studies in Graphic Design, she has a minor in Japanese and took courses pertaining to human communication and interactions, which informs how she works with clients and collaborators.


BoxBox Studios

UI/UX Designer | Contract | November 2019 - December 2020

• Worked alongside developers and game designers to conceptualize the flow and interaction of the game

• Created wireframes and mock-ups for screens​

• Created assets used within the game and sent them to the developers to implement using C# and unity

• Collaborated with animators and splash artists to develop a consistent style between the game interface and character design


Graphic Designer | Internship | February 2020 - September 2020

• ​Create visuals and assets for blog posts and landing pages
• Refresh current websites and create potential wire frames and mock-ups for

landing pages

Chromatic Coffee

Poster Designer | Contract | January - February 2020

• Created a poster to be printed and posted on social media to advertise a latte art throw-down competition hosted by Chromatic Coffee
• Communicated with the marketing team at Chromatic both in person and remotely

Exxact Corporation

Graphic Designer | internship | June 2019 - December 2019

• Collaborated with the marketing team and the product management team to work on existing websites

• Refreshed current websites and created potential wire-frames and mock-ups for landing pages
• Designed spreads for an ebook which was used as a marketing campaign
• Created visuals for hero banners and blogs

• Created flyers and thank you cards for purchased products

Freelance Photography

Photographer | August 2017 - November 2019

• Contacted clients and coordinated schedules
• Created mood boards and gathered listings for possible locations for shooting
• Experience operating a DSLR camera
• Editing in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop

Organizations &

Brand X Design Competition Featuring Sephora

February - May 2020

• Collaborated as a team of four to create a four city tour campaign with an interactive space featuring sephora's makeup line

• Each team member was in charge of designing and rendering their own rooms inspired by makeup looks and challenges
• Potential promotional items such as tote bags, badges, satchels/goodie bags were created
• KPI’s and ROI strategies were researched to be incorporated in the interactive space to produce results after the potential event is over

• We placed top 10 out of 500 teams

Design X, Social Media

October - November 2019

• Collaborated with team of 8 to create an exhibition focusing on what design means to an individual specifically about w learns about themselves in the BFA

• Oversaw posts on Design X's Instagram page, @designxhibition

• Developed layout for posts, announcements and content

Adobe Creative Jam

October 2019

• Collaborated with team of 4 to create an app based on  college necessities

• Researched about food affordability and the homeless situation on college campuses within the time frame given

• Developed wire-frames and conceptualized with the team to create the final app

International Design Education Expo Conference (IDEEC), Marketing Team

July - August 2019

• Drafted concepts for branding

• Collaborated with team to create promotional items for the conference

• Promotional items include name badges, tote bags, t shirts, etc

Tiburon International Film Festival, Poster Designer


• Drafted various poster concepts

After design was chosen:
• Collaborated with coordinators to revise the design to be displayed


Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign | Adobe Photoshop |Adobe Lightroom |Adobe XD Adobe After Effects | Sketch | Invision | Fusion 360 | Logo Design | Typography | Poster design | Image-making | Visual branding | Photography| Illustration